About us

Gila Hershkovits is a talented Israeli artist who has participated in international exhibitions in Art Galleries with her unique paintings, sculptures and various special glass works.
Nachman, her husband, who is an Architect and Interior designer, joined her in the art making, as well as organizing the business. Recently, our daughter Liel, who just retired from the army, joined the family venture.
Our family shares the excitement of designing and creating unique glass art. Together we combine different glass techniques as dumping, cutting, fusing and sandblasting. Each piece of artwork is designed and crafted completely by hand, and each item is one of a kind. The line of products includes mainly Judaic art creations and various serving plates & bowls.  
Most of the items are displayed in the Art market at Nachalat Binyamin in Tel Aviv. This market is one of the biggest art markets in the world. About 300 Israeli artists exhibit their handmade creations in colorful boots on every Tuesday & Friday during the year. 
Our address in the market is: 16 Nachalat Binyamin st, Tel Aviv