Massada mezuzah case - item # 10101

Price: $40

This mezuzah case is an amasing glass creation by Gila & Nachman Hershkovits
This creation is made of a unique combination of glass technics which create a magnificent effect

For easy assembling, attached to the back a strong tape for safe sticking for many years
Size of the mazuzah case: length 9.5 cm, width 2 cm, thick 1.5 cm
Weight: 100 grams
The mezuzah case is for 8 cm scroll, the price do not include the scroll. To order a kosher scroll please enter "Parchments (scrolls)" in the side bar

As the mezuzah case is totally made by hand, there might be small  differences between the photo & your order in color, size & design

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Price: $40
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